Quality Transformer and Electronics is a leader in the custom transformer industry. Designing for excellence and building for durability is the focus of our philosophy. With over 150 years of experience designing and building custom transformers, reactors, inductors, rectifiers, power supplies and power conditioners, Quality Transformer and Electronics has the right experience and the right capabilities to ensure your specifications are fulfilled.

Since our incorporation in 1964, QT&E's has specialized in every type of high end capital equipment manufacturing. We build to the highest quality and reliability and have the capability of building to Military Specs if required. We can also meet the requirements of Universities and National Laboratories for experimental purposes.

We understand that equipment downtime can be very costly and in some of our customer's cases, lives are at stake. That is why we design and build to the strictest quality standards.

Our product lines include:

  • open-frame transformers
  • inductors and reactors
  • power supplies
  • power conditioners
  • noise cut transformers
  • panel assemblies,
  • power distribution units.

Additionally, we design and manufacture unique power products that are used for experimental purposes by Universities and National Laboratories.

Mission Statement

"Quality Transformer and Electronics believes that individuals create quality.
"It is the goal of every employee to supply products that meet all customer expectations and internal requirements, on time."

Quality Transformer and Electronics is committed to providing our customers with the best possible electro-magnetic products. Pulling from over 150 years of experience, we have the methodologies, practices, and knowledge to bring our customers the highest quality products. Our commitment to our customers is transparent in our ability to partner and consult in every step throughout the design process.

Quality Transformer and Electronics is committed to providing a healthy work environment. We believe that employees create value. All of our transformers are built by hand, ensuring quality is increased, and the product enhanced, through every step of the creation process. Our workers, both highly skilled and highly knowledgeable, are able to provide great products. Their expertise is the foundation of this company, and Quality Transformer and Electronics supports their development and growth in every way possible.