Custom Linear Power Supplies for your electrical needs.

Our single-phase and three-phase custom linear power supplies will convert AC voltage to DC voltage for your system requirements.

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DC Linear Power Supplies

QTE designs and manufactures linear power supplies from 500W up to 1MW and either dry type or oil filled. We have many years of experience with high voltage applications including power levels of 250kV and above.

Our power supplies are often in stand-alone enclosures but we also build rack-mount units and open-framed units for placement within a customer's system. Our power supplies are designed for AC or DC applications.

Technical Capabilities

Power Rating 500 W up to 2 MW
Low/Med. Voltages 120 V up to 5 kV
Hight Voltages up to 350 kVDC
Other Options Enclosures (NEMA 1, 3, 4, 4x)
Circuit breakers
EMO switches
Ring-lug compatibility
Test Test up to 560 kW


4 kW DC Power Supply

Angle view of a 500 kVA step-up transformer

This 4 kW DC Linear Power Supply is a single-phase assembly used to generate Sodium Hypochlorite.

Power Rating 4 kW
No. of Phases 1
Frequency 60 Hz
Input 240/220/208 V
Output 0-16-32-48 VDC @ 0-75 ADC
Other Options NEMA1 enclosure
More Examples

144 kW 6-Pulse Power Supply

144 kW power supply, with open doors

This 144 kW 6-pulse power supply, installed into a NEMA4X 304 stainless steel enclosure with an air conditioner, is designed to operate in a harsh environment.

Power Rating 144 kW
No. of Phases 3
Frequency 60 Hz
Input 480 Vrms L-L
Output 300/280/260/240 VDC @ 480 ADC
Other Options NEMA4X enclosure
Air conditioner