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Power Quality devices designed by QT&E can solve numerous issues:

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Power Quality Needs

As manufacturers have moved to open facilities in locations throughout the world to produce their products, they have been faced with the problems of power quality. These problems not only stem from inconsistent sources of power, but to the growing sensitivity of the electronics used in the manufacturing processes themselves. The electronic systems used in the manufacture of various products can produce unwanted feedback onto process circuitry as well as back onto the power grid itself.

Growing with our customers, Quality Transformer and Electronics has developed a clear understanding of the many types of problems that can occur and offers solutions to these issues.

It is often forgotten that the main component of most power quality products is the electro-magnetic device that powers an electronic assembly or that stands alone to provide a power quality solution. These devices have always been our core products and we have incorporated them into solutions for providing clean power for our customers' manufacturing systems and processes.