Interphase Transformers for your specific applications

Interphase transformers are used in a circuit with a rectifier transformer having both delta and wye secondaries which create a current imbalance. The interphase transformer corrects this imbalance.

Contact Us Specifying your Interphase Transformer
Voltages Up to 1,500VDC
Rated Current Up to 6,500ADC
Current Imbalance Up to 6%
Expected Audible Noise Interphase transformers are inherently noisy, but QT&E utilizes special construction techniques to minimize audible noise
Other Options Noise Specifications
Connection location specifications


5MW interphase transformer used for traction power Interphase Transformer
1MW interphase transformer Interphase Transformer

5MW Interphase Transformer

  • 5MW interphase transformer
  • 5MW interphase transformer reverse angle
5MW Interphase Transformer used for traction power. These transformers come in pairs and are mirror transformers used for rectified power.
Power Rating 5MW
Frequency 360Hz
Primary 150VDC on start and finish, 300VDC on center tap
Features Designed for extra heavy duty

1MW Interphase Transformer

1MW interphase transformer
Power Rating 1MW
Nominal Primary 600Vrms
Rated Current 1,667ADC