Custom Transformers, Inductors, Reactors and Electronic Assemblies

Quality Transformer and Electronics designs and manufactures custom electronic components and assemblies, including transformers, inductors, reactors, power conditioners, SCR assemblies, linear DC power suppliesand other turnkey assemblies. Our units are designed to meet customer specified electrical, mechanical and dimensional requirements.

Custom Transformers

Linear DC Power Supplies

We build Linear DC Power Supplies designed to meet your system requirements. Rackmount, base-plate mount, fully-enclosed, line voltage to high voltage, air, water, oil, SF6 dielectrics. We work with our customers to develop project goals and parameters and deliver a solution in the most desirable configuration.

DC Power Supplies

Power Quality with Harmonic Mitigation

Our Harmonic-Mitigating Transformers are designed using phase-shifting techniques and other design attributes to eliminate equipment-generated harmonics.

Harmonic-Mitigating Xfmrs

Over 55 years meeting the needs of wide-ranging industries, the US military, and University and National Laboratory research applications.

Trusted industry experts with a wide variety of expertise in magnetics design and manufacture; from 50 VA to 1.5 MVA.

ISO 9001:2015 registered, meeting the highest industry quality and reliability standards.

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory certifications to design and mark units CE, CSA, CUS, NRTL to UL 506, 1561, 508A and 508C, as well as IEC 606011:2005 (Medical).

Turnkey electronic assembly solutions that help save customers valuable engineering time, maximize the use of space, minimize footprint, and meet project requirements.

From initial customer consulation to prototype, to full-scale production, QT&E is here to provide the highest quality and reliability in electro-magnetic parts and assemblies coupled with award-winning customer service.