Standard or High Voltage

Isolation Transformers

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Build configurations and capabilities

Electrical Characteristics

up to 1.5MVA

1-Phase, 3-Phase

50Hz and/or 60Hz, 400Hz up to 20,000Hz

Up to 600Vrms input

Up to 600Vrms output


AC=up to 150,000Vrms

DC=up to 300,000VDC

Let us know your desired level of isolation (working)




SF6 gas

Epoxy filled

Terminal Configurations

High voltage leads

High voltage button terminals

Bushings and insulators

Copper buss bar

Silicon bronze hardware

Terminal strip

Ring-lug compatibility

Touch-safe configurations

Lexan covers

Enclosures and weather

NEMA enclosures

NEMA 1: General purpose

NEMA 3: Weather-resistant (falling dirt, windblown dust, rain, sleet, snow, formation of ice)

NEMA 3R: Same as 3, omits protection against windblown dust

NEMA 4: Watertight

NEMA 4X: Same as 4, but stainless steel

NEMA 6: Submersible

Examples of Isolation Transformers


13.3kVA isolation transformer

1-Phase, 60Hz



NEMA1 enclosure

25kV bushings


192VA isolation transformer

1-Phase, 50/60Hz


Secondary=117Vrms @ 20Arms

1,500V isolation - primary

60kVDC isolation - pri-core


600VA isolation transformer

1-Phase, 60Hz


Secondary=12Vrms @ 50Arms



14.28kVA isolation transformer

1-Phase, 60Hz


4 secondaries

Pri isolation=1,500Vrms

Sec isolation=5kVDC

About Isolation Transformers

Isolation Transformers are units with electrical separation between primary and secondary windings to provide isolation between either source or load and ground. These products also provide isolation between load and source.

A high voltage isolation transformer is designed to have input and/or output voltages that are significantly higher than common line voltages. These are designed and tested to a higher dielectric test voltage than the operating voltage it is designed to produce.

High Voltage Isolation Transformers are highly insulated from primary to secondary and secondary to ground. These units are used to isolate the high voltage components from the rest of a system and may be incorporated as part an electronic assembly or be used as a separate unit to isolate an entire “hot deck” or electronics operating area.

Quality Transformer and Electronics' is capable of designing and implementing an electrostatic shield, air, FS6 gas (sulferhexaflouride), oil, and epoxy-cast coils in order to meet our customers' desired isolation needs. Isolation provided by Quality Transformer and Electronics' transformers can help protect against shock, suppress noise to help protect equipment, and improve power quality. If your application requires a very high level of isolation and good overall power quality, refer to Quality Transformer and Electronics' line of Noise Cut Transformers (NCT), Isolation Transformers, and Power Conditioners. For Ultra High Isolation, please refer to our Power Conditioners and Noise Cut Transformers.