Furnace Transformers

Custom transformers for single-zone and multi-zone furnaces:

  • Designed for imbalanced loads,
  • Multi-secondary, single-phase outputs,
  • 3-Phase input.

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All of our units are built-to-order, in either production-run or prototype quantities. Contact us to determine your specifications and get your requirements down. If you don't know everything, that is okay, we can help. Call us at US +1 408-263-8444, or email us by clicking the button below:

ISO 9001:2015 icon These transformer are NRTL to UL 506 and 1561. Find out more about our certifications by clicking here: More on certifications
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Build configurations and capabilities

Electrical Characteristics

1-Phase, 3-Phase

50Hz and/or 60Hz, 400Hz up to 20,000Hz

Up to 600Vrms input

Nearly all needed furnace voltage transformers can be accommodated

NRTL to UL 506 or 1561

Terminal Configurations

Copper buss bar

Silicon bronze hardware

Terminal strip

Ring-lug compatibility

Touch-safe configurations

Lexan covers

Enclosures and weather

NEMA enclosures

NEMA 1: General purpose

NEMA 3: Weather-resistant (falling dirt, windblown dust, rain, sleet, snow, formation of ice)

NEMA 3R: Same as 3, omits protection against windblown dust

NEMA 4: Watertight

NEMA 4X: Same as 4, but stainless steel

NEMA 6: Submersible

Examples of Furnace Transformers


Furnace transformer

3-Phase, 50/60Hz

Primary = 208/240/480Vrms L-L

9-zone secondary

Circuit protection

NEMA1 enclosure

NRTL to UL 1561, CE Mark