About QT&E

Quality Transformer and Electronics is committed to Quality founded on: Employee Safety, Product Safety, Product Performance, Honest Communication, On-time Delivery and Customer Satisfaction. Our employees believe they create Quality and ensure our commitment is embodied in everything we design, build and deliver.

QT&E is committed to providing our customers with the best possible electro-magnetic products. Pulling from over 150 years of combined engineering experience, we have the practices and knowledge to bring our customers the highest quality products. Our commitment to our customers is transparent in our ability to partner and consult at every stage of the design process.

At QT&E, we believe that employees create quality and value. All of our transformers are built by hand by skilled craftsmen. Our employees are highly trained and highly knowledgeable, and are given the ability to gain new skills further developing their capacity to contribute to the company. Their expertise is the foundation of this company, and QT&E supports their development and growth in every way possible.

The QT&E Story

When Quality Transformer and Electronics (QT&E) first opened its doors in 1964, the world’s electrical landscape was completely different than it is today. Many of our customers had manufacturing plants located right here in Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area.

Today, QT&E has a broader reach and supports customers of all sizes, industries, geographical locations, and technicalities. We still work to design new products and parts for systems of ever increasing complexity and with specific needs for power quality and continuing needs for product quality and reliability.

We have continued to grow with our customers’ needs, anticipating their new technical requirements and production volumes. We continue adding equipment, practicing lean manufacturing, hiring new employees, and incorporate cross-training to keep costs down. Most importantly, we perform research and development on new products such as Harmonic-Mitigating Transformers, Power Conditioners, Noise Cut Transformers and Assemblies, and Zigzag Transformers to name a few.

Our commitment to anticipating our customers’ needs and developing new products to meet these requirements means we are building products that are often ahead of IEEE and other standards. However, we maintain our dedication to producing high quality and reliable products. Our ISO Certification and ability to certify our products to applicable UL standards, CE, CSA and CUS means our customers know that each part delivered to them meets critical safety and quality standards required in their industries.

As part of our dedication to meeting these requirements, our quality processes include:

We have also continued to add to our test equipment and capabilities over time and this equipment includes: