Mitigation of the 3rd, 5th, or 9th harmonics with

Harmonic-Mitigating Transformers

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Build configurations and capabilities

Electrical Characteristics

Phase Shift=15o, 30o, 45o(and any custom phase-shift requirements)

Power rating=50VA up to 1.5MVA



Voltages=Up to 30kVrms

NRTL to UL 506 or 1561 (for voltages up to 600 V)

Terminal Configurations

Copper buss bar

Silicon bronze hardware

Terminal strip

Ring-lug compatibility

Touch-safe configurations

Lexan covers


Enclosures and weather

NEMA enclosures

NEMA 1: General purpose

NEMA 3: Weather-resistant (falling dirt, windblown dust, rain, sleet, snow, formation of ice)

NEMA 3R: Same as 3, omits protection against windblown dust

NEMA 4: Watertight

NEMA 4X: Same as 4, but stainless steel

NEMA 6: Submersible



Circuit breakers

EMO switches


Examples of Harmonic-Mitigating Transformers


750kVA Harmonic-Mitigating Transformer

3-Phase, 60Hz

Primary=4,160Vrms L-L Delta

Secondary=480Vrms L-L at 451Arms

Phase shifted=30o

NEMA1 enclosure


185kVA Harmonic-Mitigating Transformer

3-Phase, 50/60Hz

Primary=460/470/480/490/550Vrms L-L Delta

Secondary=208/120Vrms @ 185kVA

Circuit protection

NEMA1 enclosure

NRTL to UL 1561, 508A, CE Mark

Why QT&E for Harmonic Mitigation

Harmonic Mitigating Transformers are a powerful tool to eliminate harmonics based Power Quality problems. Whether for internal building or equipment protection or to meet utility requirements, Quality Transformer and Electronics has the experience and expertise to ensure your harmonics challenges are solved.

Defining the Harmonics Problem

We closely partner with our customers, working with their engineering staffs, to review harmonics data and together define the specific problems. Not all system needs and system harmonics are identical and our goal is to help you improve your power quality with a transformer designed to fit your specific harmonic profile.

Providing A Custom Tailored Solution

QT&E takes your specifications and designs a solution to fit your specific needs. Whether mitigating the Triplen harmonics (3rd, 9th, 15th), or the 5th or 7th. We have the engineering expertise to design a solution to meet your system’s needs.

Manufacturing Quality and Reliability

We design conservatively and build parts that run cool and are solid and built to last. Our customers have mission critical applications where downtime is unacceptable. We take everything into consideration when developing product specifications. Even the operating environment can be critical.

Providing Support and Service

At Quality Transformer and Electronics, customer service begins on the first call or email and never stops. We work to ensure your experience with QT&E meets or exceeds your expectations. Units are shipped on time with the appropriate Certification or Test Report forms, First Article Reports or User Manuals. And product technical information and support is available at your need.

Power Quality and Harmonic-Mitigating Transformers

Harmonic-Mitigating Transformers are used to combat harmonics on the line without the need for capacitors or other components. To find out how we achieve this, please click on our white paper below:

White Paper on Harmonics