Control Transformers

For powering safety circuits, QT&E designs control transformers for:

  • critical power safety circuits,
  • Emergency off circuits,
  • For energizing relays and contactors,
  • 1-Phase,
  • Less than 5kVA.

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All of our units are built-to-order, in either production-run or prototype quantities. Contact us to determine your specifications and get your requirements down. If you don't know everything, that is okay, we can help. Call us at US +1 408-263-8444, or email us by clicking the button below:

NRTL to UL 506 icon These transformer are NRTL to UL 506. Find out more about our certifications by clicking here: More on certifications
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Build configurations and capabilities

Electrical Characteristics

50VA up to your required power level


50Hz and/or 60Hz

Up to 600Vrms input

Up to 600Vrms output

NRTL to UL 506


Up to 5,000Vrms

Terminal Configurations

Terminal strip

Ring-lug compatibility

Touch-safe configurations

Lexan covers

Examples of Isolation Transformers


2kVA transformer

1-Phase, 50/60Hz

Primary = 380/400/415/440/480Vrms

Secondary 1 = 120Vrms @ 1.67Arms

Secondary 2 = 208Vrms @ 8.65Arms


Control transformer

1-Phase, 50/60Hz

Primary = 440/460/480Vrms

Secondary 1 = 20Vrms @ 1 Arms

Secondary 2 = 110Vrms @ 60Arms

Secondary 3 = 120Vrms @ 60Arms

Secondary 4 = 230Vrms @ 20Arms


92VA transformer

1-Phase, 60Hz

Primary = 24Vrms

Secondary = 24Vrms @ 8Arms


NRTL to UL 506