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Versatile transformers built to industry standards

General-Purpose Transformers

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Build configurations and capabilities

Electrical Characteristics

50VA up to 1.5MVA

1-Phase, 3-Phase

50Hz and/or 60Hz, 400Hz up to 20,000Hz

Up to 600Vrms input

Up to 600Vrms output

NRTL to UL 506 or 1561

Terminal Configurations

Copper buss bar

Silicon bronze hardware

Terminal strip

Ring-lug compatibility

Touch-safe configurations

Lexan covers

Enclosures and weather

NEMA enclosures

NEMA 1: General purpose

NEMA 3: Weather-resistant (falling dirt, windblown dust, rain, sleet, snow, formation of ice)

NEMA 3R: Same as 3, omits protection against windblown dust

NEMA 4: Watertight

NEMA 4X: Same as 4, but stainless steel

NEMA 6: Submersible

Examples of General Purpose Transformers


15kVA transformer

3-Phase, 60Hz

Primary = 180Vrms - 480Vrms taps

Secondary 1 = 208Vrms @ 15Arms

Secondary 2 = 208Vrms @ 15Arms

Secondary 3 = 208Vrms @ 15Arms

Secondary 4 = 120Vrms @ 15Arms


18.5kVA transformer

3-Phase, 50/60Hz

Primary = 480Vrms

Secondary + 65-33Vrms @ 18.5kVA

Multi-tap secondary

Copper buss secondary

NRTL to UL 1561


500kVA transformer

3-Phase, 50/60Hz

Primary = 300Vrms L-L

Secondary = 480Vrms L-L @ 500kVA

NEMA1 enclosure

Coil temperature monitor w/alarm


150kVA transformer

3-Phase, 50/60Hz

Primary = 440Vrms

Secondary = 480Vrms @ 180Arms

NEMA1 enclosure

Pri/sec circuit breakers


225kVA transformer

3-Phase, 50/60Hz

Primary = 480Vrms delta

Secondary = 340 - 520Vrms wye

NEMA1 enclosure w/doors


400kVA transformer

3-Phase, 50/60Hz

Primary = 400/440/480Vrms

Secondary = 400/230Vrms

What is a low voltage General Purpose Transformer?

A low voltage General Purpose Transformer is a standardized transformer for non-specialized applications (i.e., to supply power to tools, equipment, lighting, and other types of applications) in the 600 V class. General Purpose Transformers often have numerous voltage configurations, standardized isolation, and most often come enclosed in either an indoor or outdoor enclosure.


Our General Purpose Transformers are built with quality first. We optimize our designs and builds to fit your specific application. This ensures you are getting a transformer sized to meet your electrical requirements while reducing the footprint as much as possible. In addition, our transformers are certified NRTL to UL 506 or 1561 and when placed in an assembly, can be certified to 508A.

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Termination Options

We offer the choice in termination options for our General Purpose Transformers when possible. This can help customers standardize their terminals, speed-up installation time and help prevent mistakes. Often, we terminate to a terminal board using silicon bronze hardware. All of our terminal boards are clearly marked and include voltages for taps and torque values to ease installation.